Meet the Researcher: Amal Widaad Haji Mohaimin

Image shows PhD student, Amal Widaad, seeding NGM plates with E. coli as food for the worms, C. elegans.

Amal Widaad Haji Mohaimin from PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, currently in her final year of her PhD in Biomedical Science, investigates anthelmintic effects of Leucaena leucocephala and its active compound, mimosine, in Caenorhabditis elegans under the supervision of Dr. Mark Petalcorin and co-supervision of Dr. Ihsan Zulkipli.

Her research aims to discover the potential of L. leucocephala extract and mimosine as novel anthelmintic agents in efforts to overcome the global issue of anthelmintic resistance among existing anthelmintic drugs. It also aims to provide insights into novel drug targets or molecular mode of anthelmintic actions.

Her project found that both L. leucocephala extract and mimosine significantly decreased vital behavioural activities of C. elegans, thus, indicating their potent anthelmintic effect. The findings verified the anthelmintic potential of the compounds and demonstrated a possible new molecular anthelmintic target.

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