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An interdisciplinary Herbal Research Laboratory based in UBD. Investigating the novel concepts that underlie the complexities in our field. Our researches are supported by funding from His Majesty’s government and a number of foundations.

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Researchers realised that many of the valuable natural resources are still left undiscovered and hence are inspired to venture into this area. Various natural product research activities are ongoing. Among the activities are extraction and isolation of novel compounds, determination of various biological and pharmacological studies in vitro and in vivo


From 1 September 2018, Dk Dr Nurolaini Pg Haji Muhd Kifli from PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences has been appointed as the Research Lead and Chair of the Herbal Group Research Committee for UBD. Holding this role, she is responsible to enhance the research objectives for the group including planning and development of this group, promote key research areas, avenues and opportunities to extend the research and publication output of staff.



To be a global partner in Herbal Drug Discovery Research and Development (R & D) 
based on local and regional medicinal plants.


  • To evaluate herbs and their products for equality, safety and efficacy as therapeutic agents.
  • To investigate herbal extracts for their biological and pharmacological activities.
  • To develop health products derived from natural resources/herbs in due course.

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