Completed: Virtual Workshop on Basic Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Screening for Herbal Extracts

Date : 16 – 17 November 2021

Platform : Via Cisco Webex


Workshop Highlight:

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to: 

1. Understand the principle and various herbal extraction techniques.

2. Understand the basic techniques of phytochemical and antimicrobial screening for herbal extracts. 

3. Perform the herbal extraction, phytochemical analysis, and antimicrobial testing.

4.  Know the different solvents and HPLC columns to improve the purification.

5.   Understand the purification workflow of bioactive compounds. 

6. Understand the extraction process with Hei-Vap Intelligent Evaporator for optimum results.

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**** Please note that this workshop is already over****